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Career Services Success Stories: Ruoxi Zhao

Ruoxi Zhao
Ruoxi Zhao
I am from China, and am a senior student majoring in Finance at the University of Denver. I will be graduating June next year. I am currently working at the International Admission Office at DU. I hope I can work in corporate finance and banking industry in the future.
DU Career Services provides me a detailed perspective of resume editing and job hunting. The first time I went to DU Career Service was my sophomore year and I barely knew how to write a resume and cover letter. The Career Advisers helped me with professional words to use in my resume and cover letter, revised my grammar mistakes and provided knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses.
I am a senior now and still keep going to Career Service for job and internship suggestions. My Career Advisor is knowledgeable about the job hunting process and always encourages me to keep trying. We also did a mock interview to be prepared for the future. It is proactive to have all these things done, because you never know what will be the next opportunity. To other international students, I would say step out of your comfort zone! Use DU career resources as much as you can, maybe it will pay off someday.

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