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“Do Cool Things that Matter” – DU Students Visit Google

Fall 2014 nov dec 148Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA opened its doors to DU in December by hosting a group of DU students who participated in the Daniels City Trek tour .  Google employs 47,000 people worldwide and 14,000 at this location. The group of nineteen students consisted of a mix of graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of majors and not just business!  They saw self-driving cars and cool work environments.  They were hosted by an alumnus who told the group her career path story.  Her company was acquired by Google last year.  She currently works on Google Glass projects.   The group learned that both Glass and the self-driving car could benefit so many through the development of life-changing technologies for use in healthcare and elderly care.  Google does “cool things that matter”.
Fall 2014 nov dec 125
The students also learned that there are many ways to get a job or internship at Google.  The alum said to utilize LinkedIn to search for connections such as alumni, acquaintances, and friends who work or have worked at Google and ask for introductions to recruiters or reach out to the recruiters directly.   In addition, she said to apply online at Google.  While they receive thousands of applications every day, the recruiters do keep resumes on file for several months.  Google does not attend Career Fairs.  However, there are many resources for students on what is like to intern and work at Google, how to apply on their website and what to expect during the interview process.   There are many unique ways for students and alums to connect to Google such as Code Jams, Code Ins, and the RISE awards program.   Would you like to do “Cool Things That Matter”?  Get started today!  
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