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How Many Internships do Employers Expect?

One of the best things you can do as an undergraduate liberal arts student is to get an internship (or two!) before you graduate. Consider the following statistics:
  • 50% of employers expect students to have TWO or more internships by the time they graduate. (Recruiting Trends, CERI, 2008)
  • A 2012 survey showed that employers weight internships and related experience more highly than GPA or major when considering candidates for employment. (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012)

Nika Girenko learning surgical techniques in her internship
Nika Girenko learning surgical techniques in her internship
Not only can internships help your job prospects after graduation, but they can also be a great way for you to test out some of the many possible career paths available and clarify your career goals.
Need help finding an internship for the spring or summer? Start by checking out some of these great resources:
Career Advising – Call 303-871-2150 to schedule an appointment with a career advisor who can give you tips for finding internships that match your major and/or interests. AHSS Career Advisor Office Hours are also available Thursdays from 12:00-4:00pm in 302E Sturm Hall.
Pioneer Careers – Job and internship postings for DU students and alumni.
UCAN Internships– National internship postings for DU students and others at top U.S. universities. (Log in to Pioneer Careers and click the UCAN logo to register.)
Tanner Mastaw Interns  at Tamani Foundation in Zanzibar

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