Studies in Indian Place Names (SIPN) with ISSN 2394-3114


New Year, new event on campus!  For anyone pursuing an internship right now, I think you may agree that it can be a very overwhelming process and easily frustrating.  The Career Center is offering a new version of its “How to find an Internship” workshop, now titled: “#ineedaninternship”.  If you are curious about what the search process looks like, what resources and search sites we recommend, how to get beyond just the online application, differentiating yourself from all of the other applicants with similar experience, thinking beyond the resume, how to navigate the hundreds of job postings in the Career Center’s internship databases and narrow your search to what is best for you, this event is for you!
Moderated by internship advisors Rebecca Damas and John Haag, this session will include content to answer all of your internship search needs and questions and give you the opportunity to get answers to your specific questions, as well as talk with your peers about what has worked for them and what challenges they are facing as well.
There will be two sessions, both located in the Career Center, which is located in Driscoll, under the bookstore.  You may RSVP via Pioneer Careers, the Events tab, select the drop down: Workshops.  The first session is February 3rd, 12pm-1pm, and the second will be February 16th 10am-11am.

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